Reporting and Essays on Society, Culture, Lifestyle. Plus a dash of creative non-fiction with questionably funny pictures.


Hélène Belaunde is a French-Peruvian writer and Chinese Studies graduate living in Berlin, Germany. She is passionate about languages, foreign cultures, and spending too much time researching cultural, social and lifestyle-related issues. She also enjoys the unusually creative exercise of copywriting and SEO.

Her work on Taiwanese society and culture has been featured on Radio Taiwan International and The News Lens International. In 2019, she authored ‘The Blue Room‘, a fantasy poem created for the digital art project ‘Synthetic Velvet’.

Meanwhile, her charming blog offers insightful articles about a diverse range of topics including the idealization of travel and analysis of modern self-help, along with very profound commentary on ‘Gossip Girl’.

(The website was recently transferred to Siteground and is thus under reconstruction.)