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hélène belaunde

Long Live Cheerfulness

In her popular essay for Aeon, Mariana Alessandri argues that the American virtue of cheerfulness is fundamentally dishonest, preventing individuals from dealing with their negative feelings. But who says honesty can’t co-exist with good cheer?

stones on water

La pleine conscience, un outil oppressif ?

« Elle nous est vendue comme une force qui peut nous aider à faire face aux ravages du capitalisme, mais à force de se centrer sur ce qui est intérieur, la méditation pleine conscience pourrait fort bien être l’ennemie de l’activisme. »

Reframing Time as a creative force: What does 5.40am mean to you?

It’s no mystery that contemporary Western societies have a complicated relationship with time. Time doesn’t just flow, it flies, and feeling like we don’t have enough is often cause for anxiety. But what if we could capture it by using Art as a medium?