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Hadiqa Bashir wins the Asian Girls Human Rights Ambassador Award

On October 10th, one day before International Day of the Girl Child, four young activists originating from different corners of Asia convened at Tainan, Taiwan for the Asian Girls Human Rights Ambassador Award. 

Le genre documentaire à Taïwan, un milieu propice à l’avancement des femmes

Ce texte est inspiré de mon podcast « Les femmes dans le cinéma documentaire à Taïwan » réalisé pour Radio Taiwan International en mars 2016. Il reprend aussi des éléments de l’article (« teasing») écrit pour le blog.

Taiwan’s War on Drugs: Harsh Approach or Tolerance ?

Originally published on The News Lens International

At a time where Taiwanese prisons are overpacked with people serving drug-related sentences, a newer, more tolerant approach is gaining popularity.

Life in a taiwanese hostel. The evening laments of the plastic bags


I sigh and remove my headsets, leaving the amazing world of Kliment’s dark techno to meet the gaze of my roommate.

Travel won’t transform you

Travel is a good school for life, but same as all schools, you have to put in the work outside of class.

The Rise of Taiwanese Horror: Corpse Brides and Little Girls in Red

Originally published on The News Lens International

Two recent horror flicks suggest that Taiwanese directors are finally willing to break some longstanding taboos, with promising results.

Taiwan’s Drinking Culture: the Tale of the Unfortunate Goldfish

Originally published on The News Lens International

While Taiwan isn’t particularly known for having a strong drinking culture, a growing number of voices has been expressing concerns regarding the rise of alcoholism in recent years.