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Reframing Time as a creative force: What does 5.40am mean to you?

It’s no mystery that contemporary Western societies have a complicated relationship with time. Time doesn’t just flow, it flies, and feeling like we don’t have enough is often cause for anxiety. But what if we could capture it by using Art as a medium?


Can Journalism Survive The Information Age?

It’s no secret that journalism is facing very pressing challenges today.

D’abord, attrappe ton lièvre

Cet article est une traduction de l’essai « First, catch your hare: on the biological explanations for differences in sex roles » publié par la féministe Marina Strinkovsky sur son blog Not A Zero Sum Game.

Tu seras médiocre, mon enfant

On a probablement tous déjà lu un article de ce genre.

New survey shows Taiwanese divide regarding same-sex marriage

Results of an opinion poll released on 28 November show a profound divide in Taiwanese society as 46.3%  of respondents expressed their support for same-sex marriage, while 45.4% were against it.

French activists oppose HIV prevention campaign on the grounds of ‘minor’s corruption’

The picture displays two men locked in a tender embrace. Next to them, a few words: With a lover, with a friend, with a stranger… each situation is different. So are the means of protection. 

La nu hanzi ou « femme masculine » : un archétype positif de la femme chinoise indépendante ?

Le terme nu hanzi ( 女汉子),qu’on peut traduire par « femme masculine », a émergé au détour des années 2010 et plus particulièrement au cours de l’année 2013 pour désigner un nouveau modèle d’identité féminine, celui d’une femme forte, indépendante et coriace.

Taiwanese students share their learnings after experiential education trip in Northern Europe

Reposted on The News Lens International

A group of senior high school students from Yilan county held a series of presentations from 12 to 13 November during which they shared the knowledge and insight gained through an experiential learning trip in Northern Europe.