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Lifestyle and Well-being

Long Live Cheerfulness

In her popular essay for Aeon, Mariana Alessandri argues that the American virtue of cheerfulness is fundamentally dishonest, preventing individuals from dealing with their negative feelings. But who says honesty can’t co-exist with good cheer?

stones on water

La pleine conscience, un outil oppressif ?

« Elle nous est vendue comme une force qui peut nous aider à faire face aux ravages du capitalisme, mais à force de se centrer sur ce qui est intérieur, la méditation pleine conscience pourrait fort bien être l’ennemie de l’activisme. »

4 Amazing Saunas For A Cosy Winter In Berlin

Imagine dozing off in a comfy chair after a good sweating session.

Contre le culte du voyage : le revers de la médaille

Notre culture idéalise le voyage de façon souvent excessive – passant sous silence le fait que voyager peut être une expérience parfaitement médiocre, banale, voire même déplaisante.

Ketamine won’t cure depression

While Valium and Prozac are certainly problematic, replacing them with illegal drugs such as ketamine and MDMA still fails to address the root causes of emotional pain.

Revisiting the Four Agreements: Maybe You Should Take It Personally

The Four Agreements is one of those self-help books that don’t need no introduction.

Escapade à Wulai. Un petit paradis dans le nord de Taiwan

A seulement une demi-heure en bus de Taipei se trouve une charmante petite ville nichée entre les montagnes. Son nom est Wulai (烏來).

Travel won’t transform you

Travel is a good school for life, but same as all schools, you have to put in the work outside of class.

Taiwan’s Drinking Culture: the Tale of the Unfortunate Goldfish

Originally published on The News Lens International

While Taiwan isn’t particularly known for having a strong drinking culture, a growing number of voices has been expressing concerns regarding the rise of alcoholism in recent years.