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No Time To Die : les Amours fades de 007

Attention, cet article contient beaucoup de spoilers.

Reframing Time as a creative force: What does 5.40am mean to you?

It’s no mystery that contemporary Western societies have a complicated relationship with time. Time doesn’t just flow, it flies, and feeling like we don’t have enough is often cause for anxiety. But what if we could capture it by using Art as a medium?

It Wasn’t All Bad: Three Great Characters From Gossip Girl

Lily van der Woodsen, Georgina Sparks and the eponymous Gossip Girl are easily the most compelling characters in the entire series.


Does great Art spring from suffering?

I am so sorry to be the one to tell you this, but you will never be happy.

Le genre documentaire à Taïwan, un milieu propice à l’avancement des femmes

Ce texte est inspiré de mon podcast « Les femmes dans le cinéma documentaire à Taïwan » réalisé pour Radio Taiwan International en mars 2016. Il reprend aussi des éléments de l’article (« teasing») écrit pour le blog.

The Rise of Taiwanese Horror: Corpse Brides and Little Girls in Red

Originally published on The News Lens International

Two recent horror flicks suggest that Taiwanese directors are finally willing to break some longstanding taboos, with promising results.