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4 Amazing Saunas For A Cosy Winter In Berlin

Imagine dozing off in a comfy chair after a good sweating session.

You’ve got a book in one hand, a glass of Sekt in the other, and a dreamy smile on your face. The storm is raging outside, but your body is wonderfully warm and relaxed. Your eyes close as the sound of rain lulls you into blissful oblivion…

It’s a well-known fact that winter in Berlin can be freezing as hell – the kind that’ll make you wanna reach for the nearest hibernating spot to release your inner teddy bear. And where better to do it than one of Berlin’s many saunas? Hit one of these 4 awesome spas next time you’re feeling chilly.


#1 Vabali


Source: Vabali

Ah, Vabali. Vabali Vabali Vabali. Forget the best spas in Berlin: this is the best spa in the world. Vabali is a beautifully-designed palace with the feel of a Buddhist monastery. It’s a dream, a refuge, a temple of relaxation all in one. And it’s huge: the enormous premises boast ten saunas, two hammams, two swimming pools, a garden and relaxation rooms with waterbeds.

Yeah, you read that right. Waterbeds. Until you’ve napped on a waterbed at Vabali after a lemon-scented infusion, you haven’t experienced life. Seriously. What are you still doing here? I’m getting goosebumps just thinking about it. Pack your stuff and go!

One more thing: it’s entirely textile-free, which might make you feel uncomfortable if you’re not used to it. It’s okay to use bathrobes outside the sauna though, so you don’t have to be naked at all times. Besides, after a while, being naked starts to feel pretty normal – everyone is naked. So don’t sweat it too much. (#seewhatididthere)

Vabali Spa Berlin, Seydlitztr. 6, 10557 Berlin, Tel +49 30 911 486 0


#2 Liquidrom



Source: Tagesspiegel

Also known as the “most design spa in Europe,” this venerable establishment is shaped like the crown of a crazy king and sports a minimalistic indoors architecture. It has four nude saunas: the best of them has glass walls and overlooks a delightful Japanese-style garden.

But the spa’s main feature is the thermal bath, which is basically a mystical church with fancy light effects and underwater classical music. You’ve only got one job, and that is to grab your swim noodle and drift away with your ears full of Mozart. Even better? If you’re in the dancing mood, the pool also hosts techno parties on weekends!

Most areas of Liquidrom aren’t textile-free, and you’ll need a bathing suit in the pool area.

Liquidrom Spa Berlin, Möckernstr. 10, 10963 Berlin, +49 (0)30 25 80 07 82-0


#3 Spreewald Therme



Source: Reiseland Brandenburg

Granted, Spreewald Therme isn’t in Berlin per se, but it makes for a charming day trip if you want to get out of the city. The nearby Spreewald Forest is renowned for its intricate network of canals, colorful houses, and fresh gherkin (huge cucumbers). If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even book a Bed & Breakfast and spend the weekend exploring the delta.

As for the therme themselves, they have all your heart may desire. Saunas, pools, jacuzzi, and way too many bubbles. The outdoors area allows you to relax in warm water while gazing at the leafless trees. For an even better experience, stay late at night and lose yourself in the stars.

Just be prepared to spend the day hearing the screams of happy toddlers: Spreewald Therme is family-friendly, and they’re everywhere.

Spreewald Therme, Ringchaussee 152, 03096 Burg, +49 (0)35603 18850


#4 Kiezsauna



Source: kiezsauna


If you’ve already spent all of your hard-earned money on raclette and Glühwein (which, let’s face it, you probably have), have no fear: Kiezsauna in Friedrischain is a great budget option. It’s tiny and tends to be crowded during the evenings, so be careful to avoid rush hours. It’s all simplicity and cosyness: three saunas and a lounge with a small bar.

Four hours will cost you 15 Euros, plus a deposit for the key. This is the better option if you’re looking to chill for a while in an uncomplicated setting.

Kiezsauna Berlin-Friedrichshain, Graudenzerstr. 19, 10243 Berlin, Tel +49 (0)30 29 77 40 40 


So there you go, my friends. Four spas for every taste: choose your personal best!

Have you been to one or more of these spas? Have you been charmed by others that didn’t make the list? Share your experiences in the comments!


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